BLM Activist Arrested After Assassination Attempt

BLM Activist Arrested After Assassination Attempt

( – Assassination attempts aren’t an issue American politics generally see in the modern era. There’s often too much security to deal with for most would-be assassins to attack politicians, but some still try. One attempt occurred just recently.

Quintez Brown, a 21-year-old Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist, tried to assassinate Craig Greenberg, a Democratic mayoral candidate in Louisville, KY. Authorities arrested Brown less than a half-mile away from the scene with a loaded 9mm magazine in his pocket. Police say the shooter used a 9mm Glock handgun to carry out the attempt.

Brown faces charges on four counts of wanton endangerment and one count of attempted murder. No one was injured in the incident. The suspect has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Greenberg was holding a meeting with staffers when Brown entered his office and began shooting. The mayoral candidate commended one of the staffers for being courageous enough to close the door and others for barricading it. Greenberg mentioned that he and his team were extremely grateful no one got hurt, adding that a bullet grazed his sweater and shirt.

There aren’t any details about what motivated Brown, a prominent BLM activist, to attempt to kill Greenberg; authorities mentioned they’re unsure if the two knew each other personally. Perhaps it was the mayoral candidate’s call for more police funding as he announced public safety would be his top priority as mayor if elected.

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