Blue City’s Soros-backed DA Carjacked

( – According to a Daily Caller October 17, report the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) told the media outlet that the city’s District Attorney Jason Williams was gunpoint and carjacked in his own city. The department explained this situation took place when he was walking with his 78-year-old mother to his vehicle when two suspects suddenly came in and pointed their guns at the pair and demanded the keys. Williams gave it to them immediately.

As reported by WVUE, the NOPD told this network that, once they received the keys, the suspects immediately jumped into the vehicle and drove off. They eventually abandoned the car in an undisclosed location and carjacked another young woman .

During an interview, the spokesman for the District Attorney’s, office Keith Lampkin, said that Williams was fine and no one got hurt. He noted that the district attorney and his mother were unharmed and both thanked the NOPD for protecting them and for the work they deliver “every night” in the city.

Williams was elected back in 2020 after Hungarian billionaire and left-wing financier George Soros donated over $200,000 to the PAC Louisiana Justice and Public Safety to run different campaigns against his rival. The district attorney campaigned on the platform of social justice reforms and the promise to find some “alternatives to incarceration” for different criminals in New Orleans. According to his campaign official site, Williams also promised to reform the “unfair” and “ineffective” money bail system.

In 2020, he wrote on this campaign site that then-president Donald Trump and then-New Orleans District Attorney Jackie Clarkson were trying to “villainize” those Americans who were trying to stand against racism and white supremacy. He also promised to bring change and achieve “real justice” for those who have been unfairly victimized by the “criminal justice system.”

Data from the city government’s office have shown that Williams refused to prosecute 65 percent of criminal cases in New Orleans back in 2021. However, different reports pointed out he has changed his stance on this matter as crime skyrocketed in 2022.

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