Boebert Officially Wins

Boebert Officially Wins

( – The outcome of several congressional races hung in the balance as Election Day drew to a close. One showdown took place in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, where the incumbent Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) took on her Democratic contender Adam Frisch. The Republican’s margin of victory was too slim to officially call the race, resulting in a recount. Following the second tabulation of votes, Representative Boebert has officially won her reelection bid.

Down to the Wire

No one had expected the showdown in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District to be as nail biting as it was. In fact, many expected Boebert to easily take the seat given the district’s voting tendencies in 2020, which saw the former president win by 8%. However, Frisch put up a good fight, even leading for much of the race. Democrats grew hopeful their candidate was going to give them a little breathing room in the House.

Boebert eventually overcame the deficit but failed to beat her opponent by half a percentage point, which under Colorado Election Law meant there had to be a recount. Still Frisch called to concede to his Republican opponent, telling his supporters the recount likely wouldn’t change much.

Now, over a month after Election Day, the results are final and official. Boebert won by just 546 votes according to the Washington Post. Sure enough, just as Frisch told his supporters, the recount didn’t have a significant impact on the results. A news release from Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold revealed the event caused Boebert to lose three votes while handing only one to the Democrat.

All About Perspective

Republicans are undoubtedly happy to have a 222nd seat in the lower chamber of Congress, adding to their slim majority. While Boebert did win her district, the margin of victory indicates that her brand of politics might not be as popular as it once was. On the other side of the race, despite losing, Frisch was optimistic. The Democrat asserted in his virtual concession that the tight margin of victory was a win in his book, especially after many people considered his campaign to be a waste of time.

Could Boebert’s slim victory be a sign of further disapproval of former President Donald Trump and his agenda? Many of the 45th commander in chief’s candidates failed to overcome their Democratic opponents in the midterms, making it impossible for Republicans to materialize their red wave.

Even individuals within the GOP feel the former president’s candidates are the reason Republicans once again lost the Senate and only scraped by in the House with a thin majority. Perhaps that’s why Frisch did better than anticipated.

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