Boeing 737 Plane Delays?

( – Boeing is said to have found more issues with their Boeing 737 planes and this time it’s delaying deliveries because of incorrectly drilled holes. The supplier, Spirit AeroSystems, discovered that two holes were drilled incorrectly and that they will need to work on 50 undelivered planes.

Boeing shares have dropped substantially after the recent issues found with their planes. This was prompted by an initial incident when a door plug flew out of a plane, mid-flight, and landed 16,000 feet to the ground. This prompted an investigation into the place to check for any further problems.

This then uncovered other issues with Boeing planes leading to massive delays at a few airports and grounded planes for days until investigations and repairs were completed. Even before that the Boeing 737 planes had issues, but Boeing was trying to increase their production.

The Boeing 737 model was grounded for about two years after two different incidents with the planes. In October of 2018 a new model plane at the time, the Boeing 737 MAX 8, crashed and killed 189 people aboard. Then in March 2019 another Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane crashed as well, which led the company to take the Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes off the runway. Many of the concerns come from the Boeing 737’s automatic flying feature which may be the culprit of these issues.

Tim Clark, who is the head of Emirates Airlines, said that Boeing needs to “get their manufacturing processes under review so there are no corners cut.”

He continued, saying that they needed to prioritize production and “Not: ‘What is the return on investment? What is the bottom line? What is the free cash flow? What is the shareholder value? What is the share value? What is my bonus?’ No, that will come if you do it right in the first place.”

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