Boeing Abandons Chicago for Virginia as CEO Hails GOP Gov. Youngkin

Boeing Abandons Chicago for Virginia as CEO Hails GOP Gov. Youngkin

MAJOR Corporation Abandons Democrat City For Redder Pastures

( – Aerospace giant Boeing has announced that it plans to uproot its corporate office in Chicago and move its base to Virginia. Boeing has operated its global headquarters in Chicago since 2001. Could the crime rate in the Windy City be a factor in Boeing’s decision to move?

The airplane manufacturing titan made its announcement on May 5 that it planned to move its global headquarters to Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. In Boeing’s bulletin its CEO, Dave Calhoun, asserted the company was excited to move to Virginia, adding the area makes sense strategically because many of Boeing’s customers are in that area. The company has a contract with the Pentagon, and the Washington Post reported the airline’s decision to move came at least in part from its desire to be closer to the US government.

The Blaze stated Boeing will still have a presence in Chicago, claiming there will be hundreds of employees who continue to work from the area. National Review noted the two most likely reasons Boeing made the jump from Illinois to Virginia were the business environment and Chicago’s plague of crime.

Part of the reason Boeing may be moving could also stem from the personal relationship Calhoun has with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who has worked for months to convince the aerospace giant to make the move, as the Washington Post mentioned. Calhoun thanked Youngkin and Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) for their work and partnership.

It’s a huge move by a major company that may leave a hole behind in Chicago. Perhaps it will help lawmakers in Illinois and Chicago realize just how bad things have become in the Windy City.

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