Border Patrol Chief Blames Biden for the Issues Down South

Border Patrol Chief Blames Biden for the Issues Down South

Border Patrol Chief RAILS Against Biden

( – When President Joe Biden took office in 2021, he almost immediately rescinded many of former POTUS Donald Trump’s immigration policies. The decision led to a massive influx of migrants on the southern border, which has not shown signs of slowing. The head of Border Patrol agreed it’s the Democrat’s fault.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody recently released a video of a July 28 deposition of Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz. His testimony was damning for President Biden. Lawyers asked the immigration official if he agreed that there is a crisis at the US-Mexico border, and he responded, “Yes.”

Perhaps the worst part of the deposition for Biden was when Ortiz admitted the border is now less safe. He told the lawyer that it’s important to detain the immigrants who are coming across the border because there need to be “consequences.” The chief said that when the migrants know they won’t be arrested and held, it increases the number who want to try to enter illegally.

Attorneys also asked Ortiz if he agrees there’s been an “unprecedented number” of immigrants coming into the US illegally. He once again said, “Yes.” The Border Patrol chief also responded affirmatively when he was asked whether he believes the migrants who are coming across the frontier are doing it because they think Biden’s administration has “favorable immigration policies.”

Do you agree with Chief Ortiz? Are Biden’s immigrant-friendly policies causing an increase in illegal migration?

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