Border SHOOTOUT Leaves 1 Dead Police Are SHOCKED!

Shootout Involving Migrants Leaves 1 Dead and Another Wounded

Shootout Involving Migrants Leaves 1 Dead and Another Wounded

( – Authorities in Texas joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to examine a shooting that occurred in Hudspeth County. An assailant attacked a group of migrants, leaving one injured and one dead. The act marked the latest in a string of tragedies that have struck those trying to enter the US.

The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call. Upon arrival, deputies discovered a woman suffering from a gunshot wound as well as a dead male. Several others were also on the scene, but no one else had sustained any injuries. According to local reports, a spokesperson for the Homeland Security Investigations found 13 migrants in the group.

Witnesses told authorities two men were yelling profanities at them before one of the individuals fired two gunshots. Investigators later discovered the men responsible were Michael Thomas Sheppard and his twin brother, Mark Sheppard. The former worked as the warden of the Lasalle Corrections West Texas Detention Center. Both men face counts of manslaughter with the possibility of more charges to come.

The incident is only one in a long list detailing migrants dying in their attempts to negotiate past the border. Earlier this year, more than 50 died in a semi-trailer when a heatwave scorched Texas. Many immigrants have also drowned while crossing the Rio Grande River. NPR recently reported that roughly 800 migrants had perished while attempting to cross the border in this fiscal year alone.

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