Bowman’s Fire Alarm Debacle Has Ripple Effect

( – According to a Politico October 2 report, Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman’s decision to pull the fire alarm at the Capitol complex was not only a “crazy” moment but also an act that could have unexpected consequences. While some Democrats tried to defend Bowman and claimed it was all a mistake, many Republicans accused the liberal leader of trying to buy his party more time on the spending legislation.

In a statement, Bowman pushed back and said he wasn’t trying to “delay any vote,” and even said he was eager to keep the government open through the bipartisan effort. A couple of hours after the release of this statement, Staten Island GOP Representative Nicole Malliotakis swiftly responded by saying she would formally prepare a resolution for his removal. However, different reports have said it will be difficult to pass this resolution.

During an interview with Politico, Malliotakis said that what the Democratic leader did wasn’t only to pull a fire alarm, but to do it in the middle of a legislative procedure. She also noted that Bowman used to be a high school principal and pointed out that a person who had this job knows that pulling a fire alarm is nothing more than a good “ol’ trick.”

Hudson Valley GOP Representative Marc Molinaro also blasted Bowman and claimed that even his “4-year-old” knows that you can’t pull any fire alarm. However, New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her “squad” member by claiming that he’s currently cooperating with investigators.

The radical leftist also claimed that Republicans are being hypocrites as she said they didn’t take the same attitude with Representative George Santos. During an interview with CNN, she said that the GOP is protecting a person who lied to all Americans, but at the same time are filing a notion to expel a person who was “trying to escape” during a “moment of panic.”

Politico pointed out that even when ousting Bowman could be hard, Republicans have a chance to make this happen.

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