Boy Scouts Barred From American Flag Tradition

Boy Scouts Barred From American Flag Tradition

( – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) prohibited public events at veteran cemeteries after the COVID-19 outbreak in March when President Trump declared a national emergency. This year, the Boy Scouts who annually place flags at these gravesites will be banned from carrying out this tradition. Officials in some communities are not happy with the decision.

Long Island, New York, has two national cemeteries with over 500,000 veterans buried between them. Officials are not happy with the VA’s decision prohibiting the Boy Scouts from paying tribute. They believe the ceremony to honor military veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice can be done responsibly and safely.

This has been a time-honored tradition for decades for Boy Scout troops to pay homage to veterans who gave their lives for the country. They say it’s their way of paying their respects. Troops in California, Maryland, Missouri, and Wisconsin were forced to cancel plans to lay flags at veteran cemeteries as well.

The US National Cemetery Administration, a branch within the VA that oversees the national cemeteries, said family and community members are welcome to visit national cemeteries during Memorial Day weekend. Individuals can place flags on graves to honor friends and family. However, they say visitors must comply with federal, state, and local guidelines related to social distancing, masks, and other precautions as determined by the authorities when visiting a national cemetery.

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