Britain Looks to Be World’s Third Major AI Hub

( – Many investors and global technology entrepreneurs are discussing the United Kingdom’s potential to become a prominent artificial intelligence powerhouse, making it a significant rival to the United States and China.

The country looks to be the world’s third-biggest AI hub. Technology executives from around the world at the London Tech Week conference in the Olympic events venue looked into the U.K. as a place to invest. They spoke about how London is well-connected to the technology and AI ecosystem.

The CEO of Wayve, Alex Kendall, said he is committed to London as its central headquarters. He was asked if he would be willing to move out of London and in response said that they were “remaining and staying in London.” “The thing that’s special about London for me is that it’s a tech superpower but it’s not tech-dominated. It’s diverse, it’s culturally rich,” he continued.

Some of the most prominent tech companies, such as Google, have invested in exclusive London-based technology like the British-founded AI lab DeepMind. Salesforce has also opened its first flagship location for AI in the center of London and hosted over one hundred developers at London’s Blue Fin Building skyscraper.

London is competing with France for the title of European AI leader. France just held Viva Tech, which had over one hundred and sixty thousand attendees. They also had London Tech week which forty-five thousand people attended.

Hanno Renner, CEO of human resources startup Personio, stated that European countries look at AI as a way for them to come together, not to compete.

Said Renner, “The key piece for me is the U.K. and EU working together to find ways to foster European innovation to ensure that talent that’s currently based in Brazil and wants to work in tech doesn’t go to Silicon Valley, but comes to Europe, and it doesn’t matter if it’s London, Paris, or Berlin.”

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