British Amtrak Executive Says U.S. Should Catch Up With High-Speed Rails

( – High-speed trains may finally be making their debut in the United States, according to British Amtrak’s Executive.

There are currently six high-speed rail projects planned across the United States, including some that have already started construction. These projects are possible because of federal infrastructure dollars, a supportive White House, and a push for alternatives to busy highways.

Andy Byford, a British executive, spoke out saying, “This is the golden opportunity for the US to join that high-speed club with all the benefits that it would bring.”

“There’s no question the US is for now the outlier when it comes to high-speed rail,” Byford continued.

“But I think once we get one route up successfully, people will clamor for more. We believe the time is right for this where the topography, population, and so on make sense. I think if it’s not going to happen now, I wonder if it ever will.”

These high-speed trains are capable of going two hundred miles per hour or more, and they have become a popular form of transportation in countries like France, Germany, Japan, and Morocco. The United States is behind the times when it comes to building these railways, and instead has focused on expanding highways and widening the roads.

Last year they began building a high-speed railway that would connect Las Vegas to California, which would cut travel time in half. A railway in California has also been underway, although it has faced multiple delays and high costs over the past decade. There are also efforts in place that would help to link places like Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

These trains are said to have the highest speeds in the world and would cut down travel time by half in most areas.

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