British Prime Minister Promises Military Aid for Ukraine in Latest Meeting

British Prime Minister Promises Military Aid for Ukraine in Latest Meeting

( – Ukraine continues to defend itself from the aggression of Vladimir Putin and the Russian forces. With the threat of escalating the conflict to a full-on third World War and the potential for Russia to use its nuclear arsenal, the Western community has been careful and strategic with its aid to Ukraine. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), recently visited the war-torn country and spoke with its president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, with promises to supply Ukraine with military aid.

Johnson made the announcement during his visit with the Ukrainian President. The PM pledged to send armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles to Ukraine to help with the defense effort against the much bigger and better-equipped Russian military. Johnson proclaimed his unwavering support to back Ukraine, asserting the underdog has done well in defending its sovereignty.

The British PM expressed how the UK will continue to bombard Russia with sanctions, adding the consequences have tarnished Russian President Putin’s image and reputation. Johnson also mentioned impacting Russia’s energy source utilization, a major contributor to the Russian economy.

The UK appears to be leading the effort in supporting Ukraine as many others in the Western community allow fear to paralyze them. Johnson made it clear he will supply Ukraine with the necessary tools to avoid future invasions.

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