British TV Presenter Stirs Controversy for Defending Biological Definition Of Woman

British TV Presenter Stirs Controversy for Defending Biological Definition Of Woman

British TV Star Has Had Enough

( – Oddly enough, the definition of a woman has become a matter of debate. Of course, for some people, the meaning is simple and direct. A British television presenter stirred the pot recently when she insisted that “a woman is someone with a vagina,” as she criticized the transgender movement.

“The Weakest Link’s” own Anne Robinson is going after transgender ideology, claiming it’s trying to erase biological women altogether. The 77-year-old TV host and personality asserted to the Telegraph that her definition of a woman is clear, asserting it’s a person with a vagina. Robinson mentioned she’s upset that people can’t debate the topic of biological women versus transgender women.

More importantly, she noted her concern for the safety in women’s bathrooms, changing rooms, swimming pools, and other gender-specific places. Robinson claimed the amount of people who actually undergo surgical transformation is only a fraction of those claiming to be the opposite gender, adding that there are essentially men in women’s areas.

Robinson noted that perhaps the most terrifying aspect of it all is that parents would be willing to take their kids to a clinic to undergo transformative surgery, even encouraging them that they could be in the wrong body. The 77-year-old asserted that children could simply be going through a phase, which could prompt woke parents to push their children into transforming.

Perhaps she’s right, transgender ideology seems to be taking over. How should parents react when their son wants to wear a dress? Are they going to ship him off to get his sex changed? What if he just wanted to be a princess for Halloween? If America isn’t careful, transgenderism may disrupt natural biology. Then what will we do?

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