Britney Spears Rejects an Interview With Oprah

Britney Spears Rejects an Interview With Oprah

Oprah Gets SHUT DOWN

( – Nearly a year has passed since Britney Spears won her conservatorship case against her father. The pop superstar recently dropped a bombshell on her family in a 22-minute audio clip. Spears also explained why she declined to sit down for an interview with Oprah.

Throughout the audio, which Spears has since deleted, the “Toxic” singer detailed the abuse she went through while under conservatorship. Spears mentioned she wasn’t gaining anything from making the clip, explaining it was just a way to work through what she was subjected to. The pop icon then noted she declined to sit down with Oprah Winfrey for a tell-all interview worth a lot of money, claiming she didn’t want it.

Spears said she felt abandoned by her family while she was under the conservatorship. The singer recalled performing in front of a crowd in Vegas, expressing how she was a machine. Spears also repeated the claim that she was placed in a mental facility after objecting to a dance move during a rehearsal. The pop icon explained she was directed to tell the public her time in the facility was due to her father and then-conservator Jamie Spears’s colon illness.

She then went on to talk about the amount of control her father and his co-conservators had over her, forcing the singer to have a secret relationship because she was scared of them. The “Overprotected” singer then noted that despite what her father put her through, she held more resentment toward her mother for allowing it all to happen.

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