CA Fire Puts the State’s Cannabis Crops in Grave Danger

CA Fire Puts the State's Cannabis Crops in Grave Danger

California DISASTER – Smoking May Never Be The Same

( – Since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California, the crop has become a significant part of the Golden State’s economy. Wildfires continue to ravage the region, putting farmers of the commodity at risk of losing their crops. Not only are their fields in danger, but so is their state’s economy.

A study from the University of California, Berkeley shows cannabis fields in the state are at an increased risk of a wildfire destroying them than other crops. Regulations from the state restrict the growth of the federally illegal plant in low-risk areas, so many farmers who choose to grow marijuana resort to planting in areas that are more vulnerable to the seasonal phenomenon.

In 9 of the 11 counties growing the recreational plant, more than 75% of farms were located in hotspots for wildfires. Some counties, such as Nevada, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity, have their entire growth areas in high-risk areas.

Given marijuana’s role in the state’s economy, California is at risk of losing billions of dollars. A statement from the Department of Cannabis Control to Newsweek recognized the potential impact losing these crops could have on local economies that rely on the tax money the plant generates.

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