CA Gov. Newsom Decries Book Bans In Public Schools

CA Gov. Newsom Decries Book Bans In Public Schools

Newsom Whines About Something His Party Created

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has become increasingly critical of other states in recent weeks, namely going after the likes of Republican-run states like Texas and Florida. Newsom had recently gone after Ron DeSantis of Florida and urged those living there to relocate to California. Now, the Democratic governor is claiming that some areas are banning books in schools.

Newsom’s accusation came during his speech after he received the Education Commission of the States: Frank Newman Award for State Innovation at the National Forum on Education Policy, according to The Hill. The California leader asserted that education was under attack. Newsom claimed Republican states were banning books in public schools and attempting to suppress free speech.

The Democrat singled out Florida again, claiming the Sunshine State had banned books after its Department of Education refused to allow several math books to make their way into schools, alleging they contained critical race theory (CRT) and social-emotional learning (SEL).

CRT is the belief that US laws, institutions, and history all have racism built into them and is often a topic seen in higher education programs. According to reports, the SEL program is to help kids control their emotions and develop and manage healthy relationships and identities while helping them make responsible decisions.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Governor Newsom’s claim that America’s education system is under attack, or is it more Democratic hype?

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