CA Teachers Union Caught Spying on Parents During COVID-19

CA Teachers Union Caught Spying on Parents During COVID-19

There Were SPIES – Parents Targeted!

( – Allison Stratton, the mother of a San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD) attendee, recently uncovered email correspondence that appeared to verify a horrifying suspicion. The letters suggest members of the California Teachers Association (CTA) might have been sending spies to scrutinize parents fighting to get their children back into the classroom. The concerned parent submitted a request with the Public Records Act after learning about the messages, which organizers had accidentally sent to a principal.

Stratton had noticed a growing outside presence at school board meetings, which led her to request copies of the discussions. The email originated from a researcher named Ann Swinburn, who discussed partnering between the recipients and other CTA members to exchange info on “the ideological leaning” of parents who had financially backed school reopen lawsuits.

What’s worse, the notes that followed revealed a panicked discourse on the possible consequences of the accidental release of information. One person asked the sender if they were close enough with the person in question to ask them to “delete and disregard,” while another shared that the group had nothing to worry about unless someone requested a record of the principal’s email messages.

The parent group in question, Reopen California Schools, has stated its only goal was to get children back into the classroom and living their normal lives. The CTA has not commented on the matter, and Swinburn’s Twitter account is no longer active. Lance Christensen, currently running for superintendent, called the correspondence “startling and disgusting,” in an interview with Fox News.

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