California Billionaires Trying to Make a New City in the State

( – Beginning years ago, a group of billionaires in California had been purchasing tens of thousands of acres of farmland about ninety minutes from San Francisco. This group has been looking to purchase over sixty thousand acres of land in Solano County.

The New York Times’ Conor Dougherty gave us a look into the reasoning behind the purchase of these acres. “Like a lot of people, I was chasing it and running into the usually locked doors,” said Dougherty. “I got a tip from someone that what was behind the locked doors was the richest people in the world quietly buying all this farmland: Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn and a venture capitalist; Laurene Powell Jobs, the founder of the Emerson Collective and Steve Jobs’ widow; Marc Andreessen of Andreesen Horowitz, a venture capital firm, just really a who’s-who of Silicon Valley was involved in this.”

Within hours of Dougherty giving the inside scoop, the company launched a website that identified itself as California Forever, which is said to be a group of people with a plan to build a city that would hold four hundred thousand people.

Jan Sramek, a 37-year-old Czech-born, former Goldman Sachs trader has said that the city is not just an oasis for billionaires but that it’s a city that will eventually resemble others like in Philadelphia or New York.

Said Sramek, “Instead of taking all of these well-paying jobs that are being created in Northern California and sending them to Texas or Florida, let’s create a place where we can send them to Solano County.”

Many people aren’t sure how this could appeal to the middle-class person, but Sramek said that they would continue to build and bring the city to more people, including those who aren’t just billionaires or technology business people.

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