California Church Defies Governor’s Orders

California Church Defies Governor's Orders

( – As states and counties cap the number of people allowed inside buildings, businesses like bars and gyms struggle. Churches, in particular, are under a unique sort of pressure because of the First Amendment. Some places of worship are rising up in defiance of the mandates as they fight to preserve religious freedoms.

John MacArthur leads Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. On July 24, he released a statement that his church would no longer adhere to crowd-size restrictions. MacArthur will no longer let government overreach inhibit his congregation from hosting worship sessions or corporate gatherings.

Grace Community Church is not alone. Other churches, including Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California and Calvary Chapel of Fort Bragg, among others, have also defied government restrictions.

In Nevada, the Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley near Reno claimed the 50% capacity cap was unconstitutional. However, the US Supreme Court denied their request in a 5-4 vote and upheld the State’s coronavirus mandates.

As lawmakers struggle to contain the pandemic, Americans must protect their right to religious freedom. A line in the sand must be drawn somewhere in order to protect the foundations that make America great. The only question now is how.

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