California Dock Failures Lead to Redirected Shipments

California Dock Failures Lead to Redirected Shipments

California Dock Backup Reaches Outrageous New Levels – This Could Effect Christmas Again

( – In 2021, the United States experienced a supply chain crisis. Container ships were stuck at ports for weeks as workers desperately tried to unload goods. Shipments are still being redirected from the West Coast to the East Coast, but it’s not having quite the same impact as it did a year ago.

Roughly 40 vessels are anchored off the coast of Georgia as workers at the Port of Savannah deal with an influx of shipments. The problem is a result of cargo being diverted from California and other western states because of labor disruptions. The number of units rivals that of the 2021 crisis, but this time around, the officials have a much better handle on the situation.

New data shows that in 2022, Georgia Ports Authority saw an 8% spike in the amount of cargo coming in compared to the previous fiscal year. Savannah saw a 10.6% rise in June over the same month in 2021.

To deal with the increased business, the state upgraded facilities at the Savannah port. Workers expanded docking sites, added more on-land storage for the shipping containers, and created new railroad lines to carry the goods where they need to go. A new 90-acre facility is being built near the Garden City Terminal as well.

Currently, the wait time for ships docking in the Peach State is about eight days, but officials hope to reduce it further. Meanwhile, a labor dispute in California is threatening the ability to offload cargo, with no end in sight.

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