California Governor Makes $3 Billion Available for Mental Health

( – Gavin Newsom, California Governor, has announced that they would be supplying three billion dollars as part of a mental health bond. This bond would help them build more behavioral treatment centers and homeless housing as well as mental health centers.

It’s the first announcement of money from a ballot that was designed to help cities, tribes, counties, and developers build or renovate treatment centers. Newsom put a lot of effort into pushing this agenda and it was passed in March by a slim vote. This authorizes the state to borrow over six billion dollars, which will be used to build over four thousand housing units. It will also allow them to use tax money from millionaires to help with housing and programs for homeless people.

Newsom spoke out in front of a building that would house over one hundred Psychiatric beds, giving a speech about what he hoped to accomplish. “It’s time to do your job. It’s time to get things done. You asked for these reforms, and we’ve provided them. Now it’s time to deliver,” he said.

Homelessness has been an ongoing issue for California and it has taken billions of dollars from Newsom’s administration just to get people off the streets, but despite this, there has been no real dramatic change in the number of homeless people.

California has almost one-third of the entire country’s homeless population; they have over one hundred and seventy thousand homeless people in California. The state is still in need of about eight thousand more units to treat people with mental health and addiction issues.

Newsom recently put in place a law that would make it easier to force people with mental health or addiction issues to seek out treatment and help. “The state’s vision is realized at the local level,” Newsom said. “We can’t do that job. They need to do their job.”

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