California Is a Prime Example of Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work

California Is a Prime Example of Why Gun Control Doesn't Work

This Proves Democrats Gun Narrative Doesn’t Hold Water

( – With a recent string of shootings, Democrats are using the violence as an example of why the country needs gun control. Despite having the strictest gun laws in America, the Golden State still has more than its fair share of gun violence. That’s why California is the best example of why gun control doesn’t work and won’t.

Based on a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Golden State doesn’t have a “gold” status when it comes to the number of shootings it experienced in 2021. The report notes there were a total of 61 active shooter incidents last year, a dozen of them meeting the criteria of a mass shooting. Of those shootings, six were in California alone, nearly 10% of the country’s total.

The six California shootings were the most to occur in any state in 2021. All of this while touting the nation’s toughest gun control laws, which:

  • Enforce limits on magazine capacities
  • Require universal background checks and red flag laws
  • Force background checks on ammunition purchases
  • Require gun registrations
  • Limit “assault weapons”
  • Place caps on the number of firearms a person can buy in a month

For many Democrats, the nation should follow California’s lead. But what good would that do? Gun laws already don’t work in California, so why would they across the entire nation? It will never matter how many laws there are; criminals will be criminals, and these offenders will find ways to access weapons when needed. All these laws do is effectively take guns away from law-abiding citizens who simply want to protect themselves from said criminals.

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