California Liberal Attends a Trump Rally

California Liberal Attends a Trump Rally

Look Who Just Attended A Trump Rally

( – There have been plenty of confrontations between Republicans and Democrats over recent years. One liberal teen did the unthinkable and decided to attend a Trump rally. However, the California native’s trip didn’t turn out the way he expected.

Samuel Donner, a TikTok personality, attended a Trump rally despite growing up in blue-hearted Los Angeles. He posted a video of his endeavor into enemy territory on his social media account, and it soon went viral. He joined Fox News to talk about his experience in trying to make 100 new friends.

Donner, known to his followers as “100NewFriends,” explained he expected the environment to be hostile but was pleasantly surprised when he encountered an abundance of kindness. The left-leaning young man noted he was stunned by the number of people who were willing to interact and be friends with him.

The teen mentioned that his adventure making the video challenged his feelings about Trump supporters and altered his overall view of America. Donner explained that people have more in common with each other than they’re led to believe. The California liberal admitted that some people at the rally weren’t interested in speaking with him before asserting that his overall experience was pleasant.

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