California Makes Plans To Deal With Roe v Wade Overturn

California Makes Plans To Deal With Roe v Wade Overturn

California Now One Step Closer To A INSANE Agenda

( – A leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court indicates Roe v. Wade could be coming to an end, which means states would be in charge of granting abortion rights. Many pro-choice and abortion advocates have shown concern in several states where lawmakers may ban abortion altogether if the high court overturns the landmark ruling. California lawmakers have asserted their state would become a “sanctuary” for abortion, and its leaders have just moved one step closer to making that goal a reality.

State lawmakers recently passed Senate Constitutional Amendment 10, voting 29-7, which means California legislators have overcome one more hurdle toward protecting abortion rights in their state. The amendment also seeks to ensure residents have contraceptives available for people who want them.

California’s Assembly has until June 30 to approve the measure. At least two-thirds of the Assembly needs to be in favor in order for the vote to pass the legislation. There is currently no timeline on when they plan to hold the vote.

From there, state lawmakers will sit on the bill until November, when they’ll ask voters in the Golden State to accept or reject the idea. If voters pass the legislation, it will effectively amend the California State Constitution, guaranteeing all residents have access to contraceptives and abortions.

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