California Voters Reject Historic Proposal

California Voters Reject Historic Proposal

( – In one of the highest taxed states in the nation, California voters said “no” to the largest borrowing proposal in the state’s history. One of the most shocking things about it is that the proposal involved the DOE.

On the ballot was Prop 13— a proposal to borrow $15 billion to upgrade and repair California K-12 public schools. It’s the first time in a generation that voters in California refused to pass a state school bond that would likely result in more tax increases to pay for the debt. Additionally, voters also rejected 237 local tax and bond measures.

The question is… have California voters had enough?

Across the state, there’s anger over the fast-paced rise in housing costs and a middle class that’s being squeezed out as the cost of living has soared. According to the US Census Bureau, more middle and lower-class people have left California than wealthy individuals.

While the powers that be may have assumed Californians would just continue to roll with the punches, they seem to have finally reached their limits. Hopefully, this sends a message to other officials that average Americans can’t be gaslighted into stretching their checkbooks without limits.

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