Calls to Restore Order

Calls to Restore Order

( – Governors across the nation struggle with how to best serve their citizens. For many, it has meant resisting federal aid as they try to keep riots and violence at bay, though there have been mixed results without said assistance. However, officials from two states are now seeking to put their foot down to restore order.

Over Independence Day weekend, Chicago faced staggering crime numbers, to which President Trump relayed his desire to help:

This was the second statement from Trump offering assistance to the city. His first was a letter to Illinois Governor Jay Robert Pritzker and the Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot that asked them to set aside partisanship to “establish law and order” in the city.

While Governor Pritzker has not called in the National Guard, Gianno Caldwell, a prominent political analyst, is asking Mayor Lightfoot to accept the offer and help bring Chicago back to a state of peace.

Chicago was not alone in its dramatic increase in violence this past weekend.

Atlanta experienced double the number of murders and shootings in the month after Memorial Day compared to last year. So, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency on July 6 and called in nearly 1,000 members of the National Guard.

The task of governing citizens has never been considered easy or simple by any means, but upholding law and order is required to ensure safety for all Americans to pursue happiness. Finally, some government officials are exploring more options to return to normal. How far will other leaders let their cities go before they’re willing to enforce the laws again?

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