Candace Owens Considering Presidential Run

Candace Owens Considering Presidential Run

( – Conservative commentator, author, and activist Candace Owens first made her mark in August of 2017, when she released her first video about politics on YouTube. Since then, she’s quickly risen to fame as an incredible black woman willing to speak openly and honestly about politics. This week on Twitter, she pondered running for president.

Owens, currently 31 years old, will turn 35, the minimum age of a president as outlined by the US Constitution, in April 2024. Therefore, she can run then if she so chooses. However, Candace did not say when she would run for president. It’s possible she may consider running for a congressional or state office first.

This comment follows an April interview with Glenn Beck where Owens said she was “eyeing a seat,” but did not share which one.

Owens’ honesty, integrity, and strong attitude could bring a new flavor to the Republican party while safeguarding the values we hold dear. But, only Owens and her family can decide if this is truly the best next step for her career.

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