Cassidy Blasts Trump and Biden Over Social Security

( – Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said on Sunday that former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have the same Social Security plan. During an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Cassidy claimed that both Biden and Trump “have the same plan,” which he claimed is doing nothing on Social Security and permitting a cut of 24 percent to benefits when the fund becomes insolvent in nearly a decade.

The GOP Senator was responding to a Friday ad released by Pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again, which attacked Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who hasn’t officially entered the 2024 presidential bid but is considered a potential candidate and the conservative with more chances of beating Trump in the primaries. In the ad, the Pro-Trump fundraising group referenced a Daily Beast report that revealed DeSantis was eating chocolate during a flight to Washington four years ago. The ad claims that the Florida Governor has “dirty fingers” because of the way some of his positions will cut federal entitlement programs.

When asked about the impact of the former president and other GOP leaders avoiding the topic, Cassidy explained “it does make it harder” for him to get Republicans to discuss federal entitlement programs. He explained that it makes everything difficult when the leading US presidential candidates deceive the American people.” He added this is true for Trump and Biden.

The Louisiana Senator has proposed creating a $1.5 trillion fund that is separated from Social Security so it could be invested in the US economy. In addition, Cassidy explained that both Biden and Trump are acting like demagogues on this issue. He pointed out that both candidates are making a lot of damage since one side proposes something and the other start “demagoguing.” He ended his interview claiming that the American people need honesty on this matter.

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