CDC Playbook Provides Free COVID Vaccine

CDC Playbook Provides Free COVID Vaccine

( – The race to create a coronavirus vaccine has many Americans wondering how it would be distributed, its viability, and how much it’ll cost. As vaccine studies near the end of Phase 3 trials, the CDC laid out how they will be distributed and paid for in a new playbook.

On September 16, the CDC published its plans on how the COVID-19 vaccine will be allocated to the public.

Within the 57-page document, it says providers will give the initial vaccine to patients at no cost. In order for a vaccination provider to receive free vaccines and supplies from the federal government, they must “administer COVID-19 vaccine regardless of the vaccine recipient’s ability to pay.” More than a billion tax-payer dollars in the Provider Relief Fund will reimburse providers who vaccinate uninsured patients.

The program lays out three potential scenarios for distribution, each with at least one million doses available at the end of October 2020. As expected, the initial doses will go to frontline healthcare workers, essential employees, and high-risk persons.

However, Robert Redfield, the Director of the CDC, shared when to expect a wide-spread distribution of the vaccine:

As hope of a viable vaccine grows, the US government prepares to get it into the hands of those who need it as quickly as possible. America will not find a new normal until this pandemic is defeated.

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