Chances of Nuclear Disaster Increase as the War Continues Between Ukraine and Russia

Chances of Nuclear Disaster Increase as the War Continues Between Ukraine and Russia

Disaster Chances Way Up As Russia Continues Bullying  Ukraine

( – Europe once again faces the specter of a nuclear disaster after renewed fighting broke out around the continent’s largest nuclear power station. Russia and Ukraine are accusing each other of firing into the area. Key buildings have already been hit by artillery shells, and many observers fear a catastrophe is becoming inevitable.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has six Soviet-designed reactors, was captured by Russian forces on March 4. Since then, its Ukrainian workforce has been compelled to keep the plant running, with its electricity now going to Russia. Meanwhile, the invading country has repeatedly accused locals of attacking the plant. At the same time, the war-torn nation says the Kremlin is staging false flag attacks to reduce international support for its resistance to the invasion.

Several support buildings around the plant have already suffered damage, but the strikes are getting heavier. On Sunday, heavy artillery and rockets hit just across the river from the plant. Russia released aerial photos showing a hole in the roof of a fuel storage building allegedly hit by a Ukrainian missile. Images of the plant show Russian military vehicles parked around it. The defending army says the invaders are using Zaporizhzhia as a sanctuary to launch their attacks.

An International Atomic Energy Agency team is due to visit this week to assess safety at the plant. Authorities want the group to expose the Kremlin’s military use of the nuclear facility. The White House is calling for the creation of a demilitarized zone around the area and a controlled shutdown to reduce the danger. Meanwhile, the artillery keeps falling, and Europe waits for another Chornobyl.

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