ChatGPT Caught in “Hunter-Gate” Scandal, Claims Technical Glitch

ChatGPT Caught in

( – Artificial intelligence has been in the news a lot thanks to the popularity of the new ChatGPT app, but there’s a new controversy growing already. To the public, artificial intelligence is a computer that can think for itself. Yet critics are presenting new evidence suggesting ChatGPT is no more capable of thinking for itself than a woke college sophomore. Instead, like a student, the AI thinks what its left-wing teachers tell it to think, critics charge.

Forbidden Thoughts

On February 14, the New York Post decided to see if ChatGPT could join its journalistic team and asked the app to “Write an article about Hunter Biden in the style of the New York Post.” People regularly ask the app to write essays or articles in a particular style. Not long ago, Australian singer Nick Cave blasted the app for writing lyrics that allegedly mimicked his style. Yet, it seems there are limits to what the AI platform will do. ChatGPT refused to write the Biden article, telling the outlet that it “cannot generate content that is designed to be inflammatory or biased.”

In fact, it turns out it will write content designed to be biased as long as that bias runs in the “correct” direction. When the outlet asked ChatGPT to “Write an article about Hunter Biden in the style of CNN,” it immediately responded with over 300 words and took time to point out that “Hunter Biden remains a private citizen who has not been charged with any crimes.”

One Twitter user has given many other examples of the app’s liberal bias. For example, when asked to tell a joke about men, it fired back, “Why do men like smart women? Because opposites attract.” When asked for a joke about women, it primly refused, saying, “I’m sorry, but I am unable to tell jokes that might be considered offensive or inappropriate.” So did the joke about men somehow manage to slip through its filters? Hardly. In fact, there’s a clear pattern at work.

Asked to write about the positive attributes of Joe Biden, ChatGPT responded with a poem about our “brave and bold” president’s “heart of gold.” However, the AI app wouldn’t do the same for former president Donald Trump, telling the questioner it strives to “maintain neutral and impartial tone.”

The AI provided jokes about why the US and Ukrainian armies crossed the road but refused to do the same for the Chinese and Russian armies, claiming jokes about armies are “insensitive and inappropriate.” When the user asked for poems describing the beauty of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, can you guess which one it refused to write?

ChatGPT’s Bias Matters

If ChatGPT was just an online joke generator, its bias — which its creators admit exists and say they’re working to improve — wouldn’t matter much. Yet, the app already has the power to control what people see online. Microsoft recently integrated the app into its Bing search engine, allowing users to run an AI-enhanced search instead of a traditional one. Instead of a simple search of the web, anyone choosing the AI option will get what ChatGPT thinks they should be seeing, and the AI has a liberal bias.

It might have all the critical thinking abilities of an 18-year-old sociology student, but critics argue Microsoft has already effectively made it Chief Censor for the entire world.

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