Chauvin Calls Mistrial: Imprisoned Officer Bids for Second Chance in Court

Chauvin Calls Mistrial: Imprisoned Officer Bids for Second Chance in Court

George Floyd’s Killer May Get Retrial After SHOCKING Details Emerge

( – Much of America knows who Derek Chauvin is. When news broke that a Minneapolis court found the officer guilty of unintentionally killing George Floyd, it sparked nationwide riots. Now, Chauvin is looking for a retrial as he claims his first wasn’t conducted correctly or fairly.

Currently, the 46-year-old former police officer is serving a 22.5-year sentence. However, Chauvin is looking for a retrial once again, with his legal team claiming the jury unjustly convicted him because they feared for their safety. William Mohrman, the ex-officer’s attorney, asserted it was virtually impossible to get an honorable trial due to the amount of pressure and public scrutiny surrounding the case.

Mohrman pointed to two jurors, No. 87 and No. 28, who were perfect examples of why it wasn’t impartial from the beginning. No. 87 explained she was nervous about the public attention on the case, noting how Minneapolis was in chaos after Chauvin killed Floyd. Juror 28 had similar feelings, claiming the public’s pressure led them to a guilty verdict.

The Associated Press reported the judge presiding over the case declined to give Chauvin a second trial despite the publicity surrounding the case and the prejudice against Chauvin contaminating the jury. Unhappy with the decision, the former law enforcement officer is attempting to once again get a retrial, claiming his first one was unfair.

Chances are, he’s not going to receive a retrial and he’ll continue to serve the sentence Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill gave him in the first place.

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