Children Told NOT To Celebrate Popular Holiday!

School District in California Doesn't Want Students to Celebrate Thanksgiving

School District in California Doesn’t Want Students to Celebrate Thanksgiving

( – While much of America enjoys getting together with family in late November to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) doesn’t like the idea. In fact, the district has gone as far as to encourage students to not celebrate the traditional holiday.

The nation’s second-largest school district says that Thanksgiving is actually “celebrating the deaths of many people.” The claim comes from a slideshow titled “Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving” which shares a video from Teen Vogue at the end of the presentation. The slideshow also directs students to a site where they can type in an address and discover whose land they’re supposedly on. The presentation can be found on the LAUSD’s website.

While the LAUSD do everything they can to paint Thanksgiving in a bad light, they promote fictional holidays like “Transgender Visibility Day,” “National Coming Out Day,” and the “Day of Silence.” All of these made-up holidays are to celebrate the LGBTQ community and transgenderism. Transgender Visibility Day in particular falls on March 31 and is a day for the international community to celebrate transgenderism through storytelling of resilience, contributions, and excellence.

Ruining Thanksgiving for millions of Americans isn’t good enough for the LAUSD though. Instead, the school district encouraged students to celebrate a replacement, the “National Day of Mourning,” another made-up holiday — and one that encourages people to learn about the true history of America’s colonization.

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