Children’s Rights in Danger Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Children's Rights In Danger Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

( – When schools shut down last March, many Americans assumed it would just be for a few weeks. But, as 2020 comes to an end, many schools still only conduct online classes, which has exacerbated the achievement gap. Lower-income children are falling far behind their higher-income peers, and this may lead to shorter lives for them in the future.

Across our nation, many public schools are still unable to get proper materials to conduct learn-at-home schooling for students. This, in addition to dropping numbers of children who actually sign in to their virtual classroom, has caused grades to plummet.

Former advisor to California Governor Joseph Rodota shares part of the Los Angeles Unified School District report:

Additionally, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that the loss of education over 24 million children have experienced so far translates to 5.53 million fewer years of life because of the lowered educational achievement.

By keeping children out of school, we endanger the next generation’s ability to live prosperous lives. We must not let our fear take away from teaching our children and their right to a prosperous future. Let’s get them back into their classrooms – ASAP!

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