China and the High Profile Americans Working For Them

China and the High Profile Americans Working For Them

( – On Tuesday, November 30, Fox News published an article attempting to focus the lens on American companies and media influencers and their opinions on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Researched and penned by reporter Houston Keene, the piece painted a damning picture of the real risk these connections carry and what they say about Americans who are so willing to bow down to Jinping.

Keene listed a handful of names familiar to most Americans, including Nike, Disney, Apple, J.P. Morgan, Lebron James, and the WHO. He accuses these entities and a long list of other individuals of showing direct support for Communist China, and in relation, the CCP.

While often at loggerheads over the past few years, both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden called out China for committing human rights crimes equivalent to genocide during their time in office. The two leaders have separately stressed the need to address the foreign nation’s transgressions.

Several countries worldwide, including the US, are demanding a global boycott over the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in response to these crimes.

Will these financial powerhouses change their tune in the face of public awareness and irrefutable evidence of ongoing human rights abuses? Or, will China’s siren song continue to draw them in as they ignore reality and enjoy financial kickbacks?

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