China Just Threatened To Fire On US Troops

China Just Threatened To Fire On US Troops

( – Chinese state-owned news outlet The Global Times published an editorial piece suggesting People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would attack American troops if they attempted to defend Taiwan from invasion. The threat comes in the wake of a second warning from US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who asserted that US agencies would “take every action” to stop Russia and China from engaging in simultaneous attacks on Ukraine and Taiwan.

The Global Times piece dismisses Sullivan’s threats, citing a lack of credibility and claiming that US Forces lack the “true will” needed to protect Taiwan at any cost.

It also mocked ongoing intervention efforts; America could not deter China from forcibly reunifying Taiwan simply by sending troops to the island.

The Times also urged Sullivan to stay quiet and shut his “big mouth.” They say he’s guilty of embarrassing the United States.

China sent 13 warplanes, including eight jet fighters and two bombers with nuclear capabilities, into Taiwan’s airspace on December 10. The blatant show of force was clearly meant to intimidate the island nation.

The Times says the US should encourage Taiwan’s government to pursue diplomacy rather than making threats and sending wrong signals. The unnamed editor who wrote the opinion piece feels the current approach only worsens the ongoing conflict.

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping gave a speech back in 2019 vowing to unify Taiwan by force if necessary. The two countries continue to face off over the region even now.

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