China Ramps Up Pressure During Yellen Visit

( – Different reports revealed on July 7 that the Chinese regime’s Liberation Army deployed 6 vessels and 13 aircraft into waters and airspace around Taiwan. The communist dictatorship of Xi Jinping made this move 24 hours before US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited Beijing to restore US-China relations.

In a statement, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it was monitoring the situation from sea and air. It also pointed out that it already deployed the island’s land-based missile systems, adding the military was prepared to use them in case it was necessary.

As reported by the Associated Press, two SU-30 fighters, along with one Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane and one BZK-005 reconnaissance plane, illegally crossed the Taiwan Strait’s median line. This line serves as a border between the island and mainland China.

Over the last few decades, the Chinese regime has claimed Taiwan as its territory, claiming that it could use force to annex it if necessary. While Beijing hasn’t taken this step so far, it regularly sends naval and air missions to intimidate the island’s political establishment.

Chinese state-media outlets reported that Xi visited the Liberation Army’s headquarters right before Yellen arrived in China. These outlets, who have been accused of serving as propaganda departments for Beijing, said this move was “important” to solidify Xi’s “leadership.”

These outlets also reported that the communist dictator was addressing Chinese commanders at the Jiangsu province headquarters, asking them to “always be prepared.” Xi also called the troops to prepare for combat and “war” operations in case these were necessary, claiming that in case of an armed conflict, the only option was “winning.”

The United States’ support for Taiwan’s self-governance has been one of the main issues in the relationship between Washington and Beijing. The Chinese regime has been vigorously objecting to the United States military support for the island. The latest case took place on July 5, when Beijing criticized an upcoming $440 million sale of military equipment. Chinese officials claimed that the Biden administration was turning the island into a “powder keg.”

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