China Using American Influencers to Push Their Genocide Games

China Using American Influencers to Push Their Genocide Games

( – Communist China paid millions to American media companies to broadcast commercials supporting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. China paid $26 million in 6 months promoting the games, with $300,000 of that going to American influencers. These Internet personalities with extensive social media followings became paid shills for a government that many people believe supports genocide.

The influencers in question used Instagram and TikTok to promote China’s business model as well as the Winter Olympics. Vippi Media, a firm out of New York City, openly hired the personalities on behalf of the Chinese Consulate. They include an eclectic assortment of people from a beauty products salesman to a reality TV star.

The promotional spots China purchased had the American influencers praising China and its cheap manufacturing climate. The beauty products salesman, TikTok sensation Ryan Dubbs, told fans he could never have his products made anywhere else. He failed to mention China’s history of slave and child labor and ongoing genocide and other human rights violations.

Another recipient of China’s generous campaign was Apple heiress Laurene Jobs, whose husband, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, made a fortune exploiting cheap Chinese labor. Jobs owns a 20% stake in Monumental, a company with which China did a tremendous amount of business. The company owns the Washington Wizards as well as the Capital One Center and was more than happy to display Chinese symbols and messaging during home games.

Ultimately, Apple may have funded the Beijing Olympics. Don’t users have a right to know where their money is going?

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