Chinese Apps to Be Blocked This Weekend

Chinese Apps to Be Blocked This Weekend

( – President Donald Trump continues to make big moves in the ongoing fight to keep American data safe from Chinese snooping. Following through on his August 6 executive order, two China-based apps have little time left to conform to the President’s demands.

On Friday, September 18, the Commerce Department announced the upcoming bans against WeChat and TikTok mobile apps. As of September 20, no app store will be allowed to distribute the applications. In addition, users will not be allowed to transfer money or process payments within the WeChat platform.

Companies cannot support WeChat with content delivery or internet hosting provisions as of September 20, according to the press release. But, TikTok has until November 12 before it’s fully banned. This gives prospective buyers of the TikTok app time to make a deal before the app is inaccessible.

Reporter and commentator Lou Dobbs applauded the President’s moves:

As the Trump Administration continues to stave off threats from the Chinese Communist Party, some mobile technology must be banned. Hopefully, American companies can purchase the apps in question to fix the security flaws inherent within them. That way we could use and enjoy these applications without fear of our data being misused.

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