Chinese Astronauts Arrive Safely Despite Harrowing Experience

( – Astronauts from China’s Tiangong space station arrived safely on earth on October 31, despite severe damage to the parachute of their spacecraft’s landing module. The three astronauts Zhu Yangzhu, Gui Haichao, and Jing Haipeng, exited the return pod of the Shenzhou spacecraft near the Chinese Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

In a video of the pod’s descent, aired by state-controlled Chinese Central Television, a sizable hole can be seen in the parachute. However, it didn’t affect the landing operation, as the astronauts performed emergency maneuvers that prevented them from losing control. The return pod landed at the Dongfeng landing site in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Despite the incident, Chinese authorities didn’t mention anything about it.

Numerous experts explained that even if the parachute was damaged, the astronauts could have used the spacecraft’s backup chute in case they failed to properly perform the maneuvers. However, they pointed out astronauts use it as a last measure, as the backup parachute is generally deployed when the pod is descending too fast.

In the Chinese Central Television’s video, the host announced that more Chinese astronauts will be making more trips to and from the Tiangong space station, which was completed in 2022. Once the crew landed, another team replaced them immediately to continue “scientific experiments” and equipment repairs.

According to different reports, the Chinese regime is planning several space missions for the decade, including a moon landing before 2030. NASA administrator Bill Nelson has been pointing out that China and the United States are currently engaged in a space race, just like it happened with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

During an interview with Politico, Nelson revealed that the United States is also planning to send astronauts to the moon by 2025 or 2026, and explained the operation would be part of NASA’s Artemis missions.

Beijing built the Tiangong space station after its formal exclusion from the International Space Station in 2011, following reports that revealed the Chinese military’s influence over China’s space program.

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