Chinese Developers Worry As OpenAI Blocks Access

( – OpenAI developers stated that they would be blocking access in China starting in July, which has left developers in China scrambling for an alternative.

At the world AI Conference in Shanghai, SenseTime, China’s leading AI company, stated that they would be releasing their latest model SenseNova 5.5. They showed the model being able to identify a puppy, offer feedback on a drawing of a rabbit, and read and summarize a page of text.

The addition of this artificial intelligence software has made it easier for China to find an alternative for OpenAI, the market leader in the artificial intelligence industry. Said an OpenAI spokesperson, “We are taking additional steps to block API traffic from regions where we do not support access to OpenAI’s services.”

OpenAI hasn’t given many details regarding their decision to block China from their services. China’s firewall has already blocked ChatGPT, but there are loopholes that allow private networks to access it. Following this change of blocking OpenAI, they will no longer be able to access it at all.

There have been rising tensions between Washington and Beijing, prompting the decision to restrict exports to China of certain semiconductors that are vital to artificial intelligence training. The founder of the Shanghai-based Centre for Safe AGI, Xiaohu Zhu, said that this decision with OpenAI has “caused significant concern within China’s AI community.”

However, this has allowed the opportunity of artificial intelligence companies in China, like SenseTime, to create their own versions.

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