Chinese Jet Pulls Gutsy Maneuver On US Spy Plane

( – According to the US Indo-Pacific Command, a Chinese military jet was caught on video intercepting an American aircraft last Thursday. The event took place over the South China Sea, in what has been the latest case of a US military plane getting sabotaged by a rival aircraft.

In a statement, the command said it determined that the aircraft in question was a Chinese J-16 fighter. It pointed out that its pilot conducted an unnecessary and “aggressive maneuver” while he was intercepting an American Air Force RC-135 spy plane. The video provided by the command showed the Chinese jet pilot flying over 400 feet in front of the US aircraft. The maneuver forced the American spy plane to pass through the Chinese jet’s turbulence-filled wake.

The command explained that the American Air Force RC-135 was conducting different “routine operations” in a safe manner. It added these operations were being conducted over the South China Sea’s international airspace, complying with international law.

In the statement, the command added that despite this incident, the United States will keep conducting operations most safely and responsibly. It added that the US Indo-Pacific Joint Force will keep flying in international airspace, respecting international law and the safety of every aircraft and vessel.

This incident came at a moment when tensions between Washington and Beijing are at a delicate point. The latest diplomatic clash between the two nations took place on Monday, as China rejected a Pentagon’s request to meet with its defense minister.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was interested in having an in-person meeting with his Chinese counterpart. Apparently, the Pentagon was quite interested in his meeting as the Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu was new in the position. However, the Biden administration said Beijing made a surprising last-minute rebuff to Washington’s offer to meet in Singapore.

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