Chinese Lab Tracked COVID-19 Virus 2 Weeks BEFORE Telling?!

( – Some U.S. Health and Human Services documents have just revealed that a complete sequence of the COVID-19 virus had been uploaded to a US database on December 28, 2019, by a researcher in Beijing, China, two weeks before China had announced it to the public.

Beijing didn’t share the COVID-19 sequence until January 11, 2020, which shows that two whole weeks had elapsed before any warning, which had a lasting effect on the way the pandemic was presented and handled.

The health community took the virus seriously and rushed to find a solution to control it and understand it as quickly as possible, with little knowledge that it would have the impact that it did – killing millions of people. The Chinese described the virus as a “viral pneumonia of unknown cause” even throughout the two weeks prior to their announcement.

Recently, congressional investigations have taken place to probe into the origin of the virus and what China may have known about the virus prior to the pandemic. Although the origin of COVID-19 has been deliberated, resulting in controversy, the U.S. Department of Energy said that COVID most likely came from a lab leak in Wuhan, China.

Cathay McMorris, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said that the United States “cannot trust any of the so-called facts or data provided by the CCP and calls into serious question the legitimacy of any specific theories based on such information.”

A substantial amount of research has been done on COVID-19 since the rise of the pandemic, including research geared to finding the origin, looking to see how humans and animals relate to the virus, and even looking into bats to see if they were a possible cause.

China continues to defend its transparency around the virus and states that everything they know, we know. A Chinese Embassy Spokesperson said, “China has kept refining our COVID response based on science to make it more targeted. China’s COVID response policies are science-based, effective, and consistent with China’s national realities. They can stand the test of history.”

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