Chinese Leader Meets With Former US Secretary To Mend Relations

( – Chinese dictator Xi Jinping met with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on July 20 to mend relations between the two countries. The communist leader hailed Kissinger as a “good old friend” during their meeting in Beijing, which was published on China’s state media.

According to the Xinhua news agency, Xi told Kissinger that “Chinese people” will never forget his “historic contribution” to promoting the development of US-China relations. The communist leader told the former Secretary of State that this action was beneficial for the two nations and even “changed the world.” He added that the “international order” is experiencing an “enormous change” and that China and the United are once again at a crossroads. Xi pointed out that the two countries must again “make a choice.”

In response, the 100-year-old diplomat thanked the Chinese leader for receiving him at the Diaoyutai building, which was the same place Kissinger met with Premier Zhou Enlai in 1971. The former secretary of state then said that world peace depends on the relationship between “our two nations.” He added that the Chinese and American societies will experience “significant progress” if the two countries can solve their issues.

As reported by CCTV, Kissinger had held meetings with China’s top officials since July 17. One of the most important reunions was with China’s new Defense Minister Li Shangfu, where they agreed that Washington and Beijing should “eliminate misunderstanding.” The former diplomat also met with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who publicly praised Kissinger for his “historic contributions” to the development of both nations’ relationship. Wang even told local reporters that the current American policy toward China needs Kissinger’s “diplomatic wisdom.”

According to the state-controlled network, Kissinger has visited the Asian nation over 100 times. He has met with Xi on numerous occasions, including in recent years during some of China’s main economic summits. The former secretary of state was crucial to Washington establishing ties with Beijing in the 1970s, during the Nixon administration. 

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