Chinese Spy Caught on American Soil, Report Confirms

Chinese Spy Caught on American Soil, Report Confirms

( – The golden age of espionage may be over, but countries and companies still utilize spies around the world today. Despite technology now available, having a person with boots on the ground is still sometimes the best way to get the information you need. The United States and several other countries have been combating recent attempts by China to obtain information.

Data is a valuable asset to any country, but not many people go as far as this man did to obtain it. Recently, a federal court found 62-year-old Charles Lieber guilty of submitting false tax returns, lying to authorities, and failing to disclose a Chinese bank account.

Lieber is a well-known nanoscientist at Harvard, once serving as the school’s chemistry department chairman. Prosecutors claim the scientist attended the Thousand Talents Program hosted by the Wuhan University of Technology in China. Authorities allege China uses the program to recruit researchers from other countries to share information with them.

Prosecutors clarified that it’s not a crime to participate in the program, but Lieber had lied to authorities about his involvement. Lieber’s defense attorney, Marc Mukasey, asserted that prosecutors possessed distorted evidence and lacked crucial documentation to support their case. Mukasey argued the prosecuting team relied too heavily on an interview between Lieber and the FBI, during which Lieber sounded confused.

Lieber admitted the Wuhan school paid him around $50,000 per month in addition to the $158,000 they offered for living expenses. Lieber explained he would receive between $50,000 and $100,000 and that he had as much as $200,000 in his Chinese bank at one point.

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