Chinese Spying Reported By Microsoft

( – Tech-giant Microsoft and Western intelligence revealed on Wednesday that a Chinese regime hacking group has been spying on the United States. The group has been illegally monitoring some of the most important infrastructure organizations, including transportation and telecommunication hubs.

In a report, Microsoft said that the espionage included Guam, which hosts some of the most crucial military bases in the country. The company also explained the cyber attack perpetrated by this group is so delicate that it would be “challenging” to properly mitigate it.

While there have been similar attacks between the United States and China, experts point out this is one of the biggest cyber-espionage campaigns perpetrated by Beijing. However, China hasn’t offered any comment about these revelations.

According to the National Security Agency (NSA), cooperation between international partners is currently taking place to identify breaches. The agency announced that partners in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom said they could have been targeted as well.

In a statement, Microsoft analysts said they are confident that this hacking group named “Volt Typhoon” was creating disruptive capabilities. They explained these capabilities could have enough potential to sabotage communications infrastructure between Asia and the US in future crises.

Google’s Mandiant Intelligence John Hultquist, who is the head of the company’s threat analysis, said China is heavily preparing for his scenario. He explained that what makes this espionage operation so concerning is that analysts don’t have the proper visibility on what the group is capable of.

In a joint statement with the NSA, UK’s National Cyber Security Center director Paul Chichester said that preventive measures need to be taken right now. He also said they are providing technical guidance to companies that operate critical infrastructure, so they can identify malicious activities.

NSA Director of Cybersecurity Rob Joyce said that the Chinese operation was using sophisticated network tools to dodge defenses and leave no trace. He explained these techniques are difficult to detect because the capabilities they use are built into environments that operate with critical infrastructure.

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