Chinese Woman Who Sneaked On Trump Property Gets Deported To China

Chinese Woman Who Sneaked On Trump Property Gets Deported To China

( – The woman responsible for breaking into the grounds at former President Donald Trump’s property, Mar-a-Lago, in 2019 has finally been sent home to China. The government officially deported Yujing Zhang sometime over the weekend after she spent years in custody.

At the time of the incident, agents arrested 33-year old Zhang for trespassing at the Mar-a-Lago resort. She told the court she wanted “to meet the President and his family and make friends.” Judge Roy Altman, who presided over Zhang’s sentencing, scoffed at what he felt was a blatant lie.

The judge sentenced Zhang to eight months in prison for the trespassing event, after which officers released her to immigration agents for deportation. Unfortunately for the Chinese national, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly delayed processing. She ended up spending nearly two additional years behind bars.

While in custody, Zhang repeatedly petitioned the courts to release her so she could return to family in China. She allegedly had no money, leaving her with no means to contact her family or hire an attorney.

With travel opened up, the government opted to grant Zhang’s wish by sending her home. Still, her departure has many questioning what exactly motivated her to try breaking into Mar-a-Lago. We may never learn the true motives behind her attempt to meet the president.

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