Chobani Yogurt Billionaire Buys San Francisco Anchor Brewing Company

( – Anchor Brewing Co., which makes the famous Anchor Steam and Christmas Ale beers, has just been purchased by the Chobani yogurt founder. Billionaire Hamdi Ulukaya purchased the company, emphasizing how Anchor is a symbol of how great San Francisco is.
“I have fallen in love with this city, its history, grit, and charm. I believe brands born in places like this are incredibly special and must be treasured, respected, and loved,” Ulukaya said. The Anchor Brewing company announced its closure last year which devastated many beer lovers across the country. The company closed its doors after facing competition with canned cocktails, crafted drinks, and spirits, and it fought for sales as a result.
Beer lovers tried multiple times to buy out the company and save it from diminishing, but until the Chobani founder and billionaire came along, there was not much hope in the company.
Ulukaya was raised in a dairy-farming family in Turkey and founded Chobani in 2005 after moving to the United States. His goal was to recreate the yogurt from his childhood and that’s what started the Chobani business. The company has now expanded from selling just yogurt to offering creamer, milk, and beverages.
Anchor faced financial troubles before in the sixties when it was acquired by Fritz Maytag, who was able to bring popularity back to small-scale brewing. Following this, Japanese brewer Sapporo purchased the company in 2017. Shepherd Futures, the family office of Chobani CEO and founder Ulukaya, is the most recent owner of the brewery.
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