Chris Christie Blasts CNN Over Trump’s Town Hall Appearance

( – Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted liberal TV network CNN during a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” pointing out that it “was wrong” for the media giant to cut a deal with former President Donald Trump to end up agreeing to what ended up being a boisterous town hall.

He also said that CNN “went in the tank” to get the Republican leader on board, repeating the same claims that many political analysts have been arguing over the last few days, citing the network’s poor ratings as the main reason why it decided to take this step.

During his appearance at ABC, Christie said the most concerning aspect of this town hall event was the audience’s positive reaction to many of Trump’s comments. He added that CNN allowed the former commander-in-chief to negotiate with the people who were going to be part of the audience, and even claimed without showing any evidence that most of those people were Trump supporters.

Christie explained that 80 percent of the audience “were Trump supporters” and said this was the result of a “negotiation deal” that the former president did with the liberal network to accept being part of the town hall event. He also said that CNN “was wrong” and shouldn’t have taken this decision.

Liberal activists and politicians have been criticizing CNN not only for providing Trump a significant air time he was going to take advantage of but also for failing to ask him tough questions. Additionally, they have been criticizing the audience for laughing when he made disparaging comments against writer Elizabeth Jean Carroll, who has accused Trump of rape.

According to different reports, the town hall event was one of the biggest successes that CNN has experienced over the last few years, considering that nearly 4 million people tuned in to watch the former president.

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