Chris Christie Caves Over Previous Allegations Against Trump

Chris Christie Caves Over Previous Allegations Against Trump

( – Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, has on multiple occasions blamed former President Donald Trump for stirring the violence on January 6, 2021. The Republican recently talked on ABC’s “This Week” with Martha Raddatz, reasserting his allegations. However, not long after, Christie seemingly backpedaled.

Christie’s comments came after the show reminded everyone that former Vice President Mike Pence had said Trump was wrong about the election. The former governor claimed Trump incited the January 6 riot in an effort to intimidate Pence and Congress into caving to his demands. However, a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt shows the only person caving is Christie.

Only a day after his ABC interview, the Republican spoke with Hewitt. Oddly enough, his claims that Trump stoked the violence seemed to change overnight. After some discussion, Hewitt asked Christie if he believed the former president was responsible for the violence in January 2021. The Republican answered the question with a different tune than before, indicating that he believes Trump had no intention of sparking a riot that day.

Hewitt’s next question was whether or not Christie believed Trump’s statements after the 2020 election passed the “Brandenburg Test,” criteria that determine whether provocation of violence was intentional. The former governor replied that Trump’s comments were protected. There hasn’t been a clear reason for Christie’s sudden change of heart, but overall support for the former president appears to be growing.

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